Economic Growth

General Information About Economic Growth

The World Bank
A wealth of information on the developing world. Look in particular at the links for “data and statistics,” “research,” and “topics in development.”

World Development Report
The World Bank’s annual World Development Report, which is full of data and analysis, is available online.

United Nations Development Programme
Information about and analyses of developing countries with an emphasis on poverty, health, the environment, and governance. You can also download their annual Human Development Report.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
This site has links to numerous data sources, online encyclopedias and glossaries, directories of economists, and so on.

IPUMS International
PUMS-International is dedicated to collecting and distributing census data from around the world. The project goals are to collect and preserve data and documentation, harmonize data, and disseminate the harmonized data free of charge.

The CIA World Fact Book
A great source for information on geography, political structure, economy, resources, and so on. It also has useful political histories for most countries.

The Penn World Tables
National income accounts data (GDP, consumption, investment, etc.) measured using purchasing power parity for 168 countries over the period 1950-2000.

The Fraser Institute
Established in 1974, The Fraser Institute is an independent public policy organization with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto.  It provides an excellent data source to measure “economic freedom.”

World Development Indicators Database (World Bank)
Access by subscription only, but many colleges and universities have subscriptions. Data on 550 indicators of development for 208 countries, covering more than 40 years.

Population Reference Bureau Data Finder
Data on 95 variables including population trends, health, education, environment, and HIV/AIDS for more than 220 countries, 28 world regions and sub-regions, and the world as a whole.

U.S. Census International Data Bank
A good source for population data from around the world. Includes fertility, mortality, breakdown of the population by age groups, and data going back many decades.

Center for International Development at Harvard University
This is the place to go for the Barro-Lee data set on educational attainment, as well as several other data sets on geography, disease, natural resources, and trade.

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy
All the data you could ever want on oil, coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, and renewable energy. This is the link to the 2004 edition.

Governance Matters (World Bank)
Data on rule of law, corruption, political stability, and other governance indicators for 199 countries for the period 1996-2002.

Freedom in the World (Freedom House)
Rankings of political rights and civil liberties, issued annually.

World Population Clock
Estimates the current population of the world.

US Debt Clock