Omicron Delta Epsilon

International Honor Society in Economics

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. JJ Arias
Office:  Atkinson Hall 421
Phone:  478-445-2085
Email:  Email

ODE is the international honor society in economics. Each spring we induct the
top students in the program into ODE. Minimum requirements include a 3.0
overall GPA, a 3.0 GPA in all economics courses, and at least 12 semester hours
of completed economics coursework. ODE graduates are honored with copper
honor cords to wear at the graduation ceremony. (Copper is the color that
represents the economics discipline.)

Additional Information

ODE is one of the largest academic honor societies. Members include Nobel laureates
and other famous economists. The objectives of ODE are:

*  To confer distinction for high scholastic achievement in economics.
*  To stimulate and promote student interests in all aspects of economics.
*  To publish an official journal to be entitled The American Economist.
*  To sponsor the Fisher-Taussig Award Competitions.

The ODE Philosophy

“Omicron Delta Epsilon is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in
economics. It  encourages devotion on the part of its members as economists
to the advancement of their science and to the scholarly effort to make freedom
from want and deprivation a reality for all mankind.”

GCSU Members (Initiation Year):

2018:  Webb Beard, Ragnheidur Bjarnadottir, Jessica Kleinman, Jannik Kumbier,
Claire Marchetta, Caitlin McKeon, Victoria Shoemaker, Daniel Wornstaff

2017: Logan Creekmur, Brian Dollarhide, Isabelle Evans, Sungmee Kim, Justin Morgan

2016: Andrew Benson, Emma Brodzik, Brent Echols, Sara Etalalahti, Klaire Fisher, Julia Fox, Nicholas Kollinger, Morgan Scarboro, Justin Suda, Frtiz Young

2015: Marisa Boyette, Nicholas Hanchey, Kelly Lee, Matthew Kennedy, Miles Washburn, Austin McTier, Kevin Morris, Blake Smallwood, Timothy Smith

2014: Diana Akhmetzyanova, Alaina Totten, Cullen Wallace, Mackenzie Yaegeer,

2013: Lauren Abis, Bailey Dobbs, Caroline Faber, Christopher Blake, Alan McCurdy, Sophia Markowich, Andrew Svorcek, Timothy Kyle, Mackenzie Yaeger

2012: Keith Carpio, Eleanor Clifton, Thomas Cornay, Amanda Kendrick, Leah Kitashima, Cody Reitz

2011: Jordan Bennett, Timothy Bosch, Aaron McCorkle, Kathryn Jones

2010: Cameron Ellis, Daniel Post, Caroline Rentz, Brett Vrieze, Brandon Williams

2009: Elena Andreyeva, Laura Dorick, Rory Schussler

2008: Ashim Bhattarai, Shashwat Bhattarai, John Harpe

2007: Matthew Baxter, Justin Beck, John Camp, Ashley Demos, Brent Evans, Eric Jordan, Ryan Mickey, Sam Rauschenberg, Jeannette Spraley, Stacey Team, Mathew Vowels

2006: William Bowers, Robert Buckley, Lisa Cash, Patrick Ewing, Mallory Getts, Anthony Green, Onyebuchi Rapu, Andy Walker, Todd Wells

2005: Ashley Manthei, Chris Tunning, Heather Wiley, Mai Yang

2004: Abhas Ghimire, William Minschwaner, Rachael Sosebee, David Wallace, Joseph White

2003: Matt Clance, John Downey, Joseph Fountain, Daniel Hall, Michael Holland, Dennis Howel, Ryan Kitson, Iheanyi Maduka, Veronica Morrison, Christopher Snider, Morgan Stallings, Steven Stembridge, Kremena Vassileva

2002: Brooke Conaway, Devlin Cooper, Gary Cressend, Josefina Endere, Jean-Francois Giguere, Patrick McKeown, Dilanka Seimon, Holly Stuart